Parco Dora


The Parco Dora Committee operated from 2006 to 2015 on a large territory, known as Spina 3, target of one of the most important programs of urban regeneration in the city of Turin. The massive transformation has affected an area of about one million square meters, and represents one of the most visible aspects of urban change in the city. A process that has redesigned and rethought the territory at the metropolitan scale, modeled on new economic, social and housing functions.

The Committee has been working to promote and support local development programs, strengthening the urban fabric, accompany change, mobilizing resources and opportunities, work together with the local actors and citizens to define new services, enhancing local identities and resources, mending ties between the "old" and "new" neighborhood. Since the opening of the Dora Park, in May 2011, the Committee has worked in particular to accompany the first steps into life of this great new city public space and promoting its use by the community.

The park is the heart of this great transformation and is configured as a connecting element between the new settlements; with its 456,000 square meters, it is one of the largest green areas of the city. The Parco Dora has been created on areas once occupied by large production facilities. Today it integrates the natural environment with pre-existing elements arising from the industrial past of the area: the cooling tower of Michelin, the largest structure of the stripping and the thermal center of the Fiat steelworks.