Report from the edge of the city


The project aims to explore and illustrate Rotterdam city borders, those areas at the fringes (industrial areas, brownfields, port areas, green fields, suburban neighbourhoods, productive lands), that are the object of the most recent changes of the urban configurations as we know them.

An exploration of the territories at the edge of the city, those "administrative" limits that turn out to be spaces of misty identity in a liquid territory, where people and goods, services, economy and territorial governance go far beyond the municipal borders. Territories whose representation is still missing.

These territories are on the way to change now. They are the territories at the center of strategic and long-term transformation plans dating 2040-2050. They are the future. It's about understanding what will be the city of tomorrow as a whole. In addition, the economic crisis, the collapse of the housing market, the growing phenomenon of migration will continue to influence, for many years to come, the urban patterns, the use of their spaces, in particular, those at the margins.

This project of documentary photography takes on a very specific angle as it investigates the fringes of the city and those areas far away from the center that are not in the spotlight of the contemporary urban debate. It proposes a catalogue of those territories and landscapes, with the aim to offer a new perspective and a more comprehensive, all-encompassing unusual vision of Rotterdam and its soul.